La Jolla United WPC Approach & Philosophy


We are dedicated on the vision of being an athlete-centered program; developing athletes' skills, tactics, conditioning and knowledge of the game, regardless of the athlete's ability level.  There is always more to gain, whether new to the sport or preparing for collegiate athletics.  


The sport of water polo can push an athlete to their limits.  Ultimately, our mission is to provide a positive, fun, and competitive environment for each athlete.  We will focus on individual character and discipline, as well as working together as a team to maximize team and player potential.  


La Jolla United wpc is constantly recruiting competitive athletes throughout San Diego County and beyond, interested in upping their game to the next level! La Jolla United wpc offers competitive training opportunities for Age Group, Junior levels and Senior Academy teams.

Our focus is to provide our members with a balanced and healthy water polo experience.  Our 2 pillars:  Academics & Character. 

ACADEMICS:  Good students make better water polo players.  Success in the classroom (and in the pool) provide more future choices.  Strong study habits create discipline in the classroom as well as in the pool.

CHARACTER:  Character matters. Through youth team sports, athletes must learn how to win with class as well as lose with dignity.  Sometimes doing your best, trying your hardest, may not always be good enough.  Losing a game doesn't define you. 

How you respond will define you!  

La Jolla United wpc is unaffiliated with any high school or high school program.